From The Desk of Tim Ozman 10-26-21

You are not alone if you feel like you stepped into another Tom Clancey novel-themed psyop. We have just begun shaking off Dan Brown’s Inferno while preparing for the Dark Winter and now we must content with this plot twist: The Hunt For Red October. It was evoked by the Rust movie set incident. The tie-ins are Alec Baldwin, the hometown of the victim, and the Tom Clancey novel that involves a cutting-edge ballistic missile submarine.

Although we haven't seen any krakens on the left coast yet, they just had “bomb cyclones”. These are storms that intensify at breakneck speed over the ocean that can produce serious impacts when they intercept land areas. Like firenadoes and sharknados, these are relatively new effects, probably the result of climate change. So remember to do your part to mitigate the globe's wrath: recycle. Or, if you’re like Boris Johnson, come up with novel ways to help nature take back the Earth.

He said we could “bring nature back” by feeding people to animals. I would suggest volunteering his friend, the conveniently butchered Sir David Amess. He didn’t specify which animals but I would recommend leaving the corpse in Seattle for the Chazistanians to fight over.

This is consistent with the vision of the “Unicorn Killer'', also known as Ira Samuel Einhorn, the founder of Earth Day. This environmentalist was so green he composted his own girlfriend. Mother Earth must have smiled warmly upon him that day.

Fittingly, Soylent Green takes place in 2022 just as NASA introduces Astrocrete, a ghastly concrete made from dead astronauts and moon dust. Yes, the outer space Marxist paradise will literally be made of people.

Space Utopianism is how the capitalists were tricked into accepting the NWO’s concept of Heaven. This is a universal destination that all the Earthly faiths accept as real. But this Heaven, unlike the others, can be verified with human witnesses. The sight is reportedly so spectacular, people’s jaws drop and their brains shoot to the roof of their skull as they contemplate the face of the new god: The big blue Ball.

The same scientific priesthood has cleverly introduced a devil that even the atheists accept. One that regulates the behaviors of the most deviant and shameless. This new devil is that tiny spiky red ball.  Our new, scientifically sanctioned religion is complete with its virus-as-sin, hand sanitizer as holy water, carbon footprint as Original Sin, and the religious face covering masquerading as medical devices. The only problem is the growing body of protestants to the MSM church: the heretics today, known as the anti-vaxxers and the conspiracy theorists.

Here’s a salient question:

Why do the true believers in the Church of MSM need mandates to do what they believe in? The lockdown proponents ought to be doing so without the need for universal adherence to a mandate. Moreover, their same priesthood informs them of the global warming situation that also requires lockdowns. Why are they waiting for orders? True believers ought to be turning off their lights early, scrapping their cars, and recycling their kids into astrocrete.

The fact that the consenting half of the population isn’t voluntarily locked down says we're surrounded by hypocrites, not superspreaders.

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Tim Ozman,

IPR, Host

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