The reason I'm not publishing podcasts:

* One of my stalkers has sent malicious emails to advertisers on the networks I work for. He's done a bit of damage in these email exchanges.

* He's stupidly obsessed with me and is probably going to read this email and react. This is why I'm vague about this. I've dealt with stalkers before.

* I am filing a lawsuit. I have raised the filing fee. Now I'm raising a bit for the process server.

To be clear: I will win this one. The emailed libel targeting my employer seals it.

The trouble is, I can't effectively promote when I'm under the scrutiny of a key-word specific smear campaign that is targeting people around me as well. The suit will be sent out in the morning.

My legal advisor suggested I keep a low profile until this is in the hands of the clerk. I really want to get back to a 5-night open phones routine. This is not my choice; it feels like being fired in many ways.

Here is how you can help me get back online. Please share the following Gofundme campaign. Donate if you like. I'm about halfway to the minimum of what I need to put this thing to rest.

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The good news is, I've taken this higher than small claims. I'm going to make an example here. I have 2 others I'll be suing right after with part of the damages I claim from this one.

Thanks for your support. I look forward to getting back to normal.

Tim Ozman