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Here are the metascript clues surrounding the release of the movie:

  1. "March Forth," right-wing terrorists. The release of Batman on March 4th corresponds to the Boston Bombing and its Batman (SWAT police) vs the Jokers (the bombers). On March 4, 2022, the surviving brother, known as "Joker" had his death penalty reinstated.
  2. Trump has already been associated with The Batman to his die-hard MAGA fans. He famously told a kid "I'm Batman."
  3. Riddler has been associated with the Qanon movement. He's a prototypical anonymous live streaming activist with an extreme ideology. The "?" question mark itself is a symbol of discontent and mistrust. The recent movie "Don't Look UP" seems to underscore the importance of unquestioning belief in authority. The system is perfect, why would you need questions? And, too, "Q" is known for using the Socratic Method, sending Qanon believers down rabbit trails. Q is the Riddler in this sense. This ties into the movie as I'll discuss below.
  4. The Riddler was an anonymous domestic extremist with a doomsday ideology, a prophet of doom, much like Frank James, the "Prophet of Doom." The Riddler publishes an insane live-streamed rant about the corrupt Mayor just like Frank James threatened his own mayor Eric Adams. The Mayor to villain dialogue is mirrored like the subway shooting.
  5. Frank Jame's shooting on the subway mirrors Batman's first appearance during a violent subway scene.
  6. The Riddler, like "Q" is warring with an entrenched criminal elite. Qanon is actually an extremist vigilante movement with an end goal of military tribunals and a national guard roll out to restore order. The movie ends with martial law after the Riddler's online "digital army" becomes a real-life army, and they prepare for a mass shooting. The scene is reminiscent of the insurrection attempt of 1/6/21. The scene is also reminiscent of the Donda2 event on the Pluto Return of 2/22/2022, which astrologically links us back to 7/4/1776, a date that MTG associated with 1/6/21. It involved a flooding stadium and Batman with a torch in hand. The torch is the symbol of the period of darkness after the reset button. The bat as phoenix motif associated with this series since Dark Knight Rises (like a phoenix, the dark night into the new dawn), made total sense with the emergence of the bat-borne reset button, Covid19.
  7. The Riddler's final video missive involved an emotional statement about the importance of his online community. Lots of Qanon believers are seen as forming communities as a society, family, and friends reject them.
  8. The Riddler was attempting to "unmask" the corruption. Today, 4/19/21, airlines are unmasking. This is a partisan victory for the right, especially the anti-vaxxers.
  9. The big event was an election day event called One New Election. This is the KRAKEN connection. The KRAKEN was an 11/3, election day reference. On election day they were in a stadium that looked like Donda2, which was dark and flooded. Pluto Return day is associated with Hades, who releases the Kraken. In Batman, the Donda2-Esque stadium scene has a "Kraken" as bombs release floodwaters into the stadium.
  10. The Riddler opposed "Renewal" which is sort of like the Great Reset.

The subway shooting was a psychological operation intended to drive into our minds the reality of monsters like the ones in the movies. This mirroring of reality is intentional and pervasive. Just as the Joker movie preceded 2020, a year of left-wing chaos and right-wing resistance, I expect this movie to be followed by right-wing violence, resisted by the left. Both the Riddler/ Joker and Batman types operate outside of society's rules. Both play a part in engineering sustained chaos. It's worth mentioning that the Riddler, beneath the mask, looks like Bill Gates. This is perhaps a clue as to who really controls the opposition movement to the Great Reset/ Renewal and its facilitators.

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