On 3/11/22, we celebrated the second hoax-a-versery of the pandemic’s official declaration date. The “two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into two years, with President Putin having finished the job, his “invasion” into Ukraine has seemingly put an end to all the “covid is now AIDs” talk.

Putin cured Covid and how before that, Covid cured Radical Islamic Terror. Each succeeding global threat is templated off the previous ones. For example, Covid made everyone a potential terrorist in need of contact tracing, they just switched the Radical Islamic Terrorist Mind Virus for a flu variant. I also noted how the Q-tip up the nose was a replacement for water-boarding as far as detecting a carrier of either “virus.” The dynamic established here was that of “submission to the Inquisitor”.

Interestingly, water-boarding involves a technique called the "water rag", which involves pouring water onto a rag covering the captive's nose and mouth. This technique was obviously only employed in the interest of public safety and to ensure we knew all the information inside the terrorists, we had to pour water over rags over their mouths and noses.  My question: isn’t wearing a mask in the shower just self-waterboarding? I think the psyop was a complete success the moment the newly designated terrorists started self-waterboarding every morning.

On March 4th, the day the errant space junk hit the moon, the surviving Boston Bombing terrorist, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (affectionately known as “Joker”) just had his death penalty reinstated. This occurs on the same day the new Batman comes out.  This Batman-Joker dialectic is used in many of the major psychological operation narratives. Even the bomb hole’s left by the CGI planes on the WTC Towers looked like the Batman logo.

Also, note that Joker came out in 2019 and featured an uprising of masked Jokers. “Joker” is code for chaos agent, patsy, terrorist, bowl-cut school shooter, super-spreader, etc., while “Batman” represents the police-state response, the imposition of law and order, the Order to the Chaos.

Therefore, as 2020 was a summer of Chaos foreshadowed in Joker, 2022’s summer ought to be a summer of Order( not to be confused with peace). The Joker represents the political Left, the Antifa, the BLM; Batman represents the Right, the Proud Boys, the White Nationalist Domestic Violent Extremists. Note too, that Former President Donald Trump had been affectionately dubbed The Batman by Qanoners.


Jussie Smollet has been sentenced to less than six months in jail. I don’t feel particularly vindicated in seeing a crisis actwhore getting caught because Jussie Smollets are the norm, not the exception. This was intended to create the illusion that the MSM itself doesn’t stage dramatic news spectacles. Jussie Smollet is a red herring.

And what’s more, following the Feb 3, 2019 hoax, he proclaimed “I’m the gay Tupac” during a concert performance he gave before the alleged attack was exposed as a ruse. Tupac is known for being fake-killed and moved off the world-stage. In court, he dramatically shouted “I am not suicidal” at least eight times. Does this seem like his former statement could be some foreshadowing of impending untimely death?

If Jussie has to go to a real jail, then so do all the other crisis actors and news agencies, but we know they won’t because they are producing this fake hate crime. More than 66% of hate crimes are exposed as hoaxes perpetrated by their “victims” and this is no different other than it’s being exposed from the inside.

In real-world news, Grimes revealed the secret birth of her second baby with Elon Musk, born via a surrogate. By “surrogate” we can only assume they mean 3-D printer with possible technical assistance from Chelsea Manning, American activist and whistleblower formerly known as Bradley, when she was an Army intelligence analyst stationed in Iraq.

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Tim Ozman,