From The Desk of Tim Ozman 2/4/22: Moonfall Review and Metascript Analysis

Although I laughed out loud at the wrong things, I liked Moonfall. I can understand why NASA r facepalmed-emojied it. The other two moviegoers were similarly palms over faces and shaking their heads. Like Don't Look Up, another among the latest spate of "sky is falling" themed science-fictions, this one stars an unkempt scientist that no one takes seriously.

In both films (the Moonfall actor John Bradley resembles a dollar-store Decaprio), the protagonist suffers from crippling anxiety and always has a bottle of pills close at hand. The underlying message: if you knew what these guys stayed up all night researching, if you knew the science, you would also be a maladjusted agoraphobe.

Here are a few key points. The movie does have something to do with nuking the moon. No spoilers but read this description of Project A119:

"Project A119, also known as A Study of Lunar Research Flights, was a top-secret plan developed in 1958 by the United States Air Force. The aim of the project was to detonate a nuclear bomb on the Moon" --

Also noteworthy was the movie's use of wallpaper which uses the floor design from The Overlook Hotel in The Shining. This was one Kubrick reference, although the film drew from Starwars, The Black Hole, Armageddon, and Independence Day (Moonfall was directed by ID4's Roland Emmerich).


  • A11 = Apollo 11
  • 119 = reverse 9/11, Genesis 11:9 --in which the Tower of Babel falls
  • Space Pope Jeff Bezos took off on the anniversary of Apollo 11 at 9:11 am.
  • 1/19 is the release date for Donnie Darko, a movie with plane parts falling from the sky
  • 1/19 an actor from Moon Night died from a ski collision
  • The moon is soon to be hit with a piece of a Falcon rocket which has been on a "chaos" trajectory for 7 years
  • The movie also ties in AI (19), digital transcendence, Scientists as altruistic saviors, and a global "reset"
  • There were some "Q" tie-ins, Space Arks, and the revelation of an intergalactic war

I don't want to proffer any spoilers, but Moonfall fits into the bigger picture emerging before our eyes and I'll be referencing it in that context. Thank you for subscribing and supporting the Infinite Plane Radio live stream, podcast, and Think Tank. I expect a very interesting couple of weeks ahead.

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Tim Ozman,

IPR, Host

Audio "Moonfall And The Space 911 Metascript"