Dear Space-is-Fakers,

Katy Perry also known as Jon Benet Ramsey hashtagged all her #flatearthers and #spaceisfakers, inviting them to see her perform live and do the eye-of-the-Pfizer trick.

Fake or not, “space wars” are coming soon. I’ve been following the recent developments in fake space and Russia has threatened to shoot down satellites even as they conduct nuclear drills for pummeling the Antichrist West at the behest of Chief Exorcist President Putin. Additionally, there is more Chinese space junk expected as Long March is launched into orbit again, usually dropping off its spent fuel tank along the way.

Since we space-is-fakers don’t believe in fake space, they likely won’t take shelter and are more likely to die when that piece of junk comes crashing down into a densely populated urban area.

Paul Pelosi, husband of Speaker Nancy Pelosi was attacked by a homeless illegal alien nudist from Canada who recently converted to Qanonism. The attack was reportedly politically motivated as he chanted “Where’s Nancy?” as the peaceful protesters of 1/6/21 did.

This is the political reality of 2022: one moment you're allowing the crazies to defecate on your sidewalks and the next they insist on beating you with a hammer in your own mansion. It was a mostly peaceful hammering and Paul Pelosi is expected to survive.

Happy 5th anniversary Q:  10/28/2017 was the date of the first drop making it five years of unfulfilled prophecy and never-ending grifting in the hopium dealing business.  Interestingly, Marjorie Taylor Greene announced something special would happen in an ominous tweet the previous day. Was this connected to the attack on Paul Pelosi?

The midterms approach and the ballot box patrols sent by former Trump aide Steve Bannon, calling on his Warroom podcast for his audience to sign up as election workers for a political “call to arms.”

This last week I focused on the unfolding drama surrounding the artist formerly known as Kanye West and I had a comment I wanted to address:

“All this focus on the news and Hollywood is nonsense to me but to each his own…” Epic Souls,

My response is I don't separate news from entertainment. Hollywood is part of the government. The masses are intoxicated with immersive illusion and we are analyzing the battlefields of the mind war. The shallowness is only a facade and is likely meant to be off-putting to critical thinkers. Netflix is the main pulpit of the world church and it’s no coincidence that its co-founder is related to Edward Bernays, progenitor of mass mind control via perception management and public relations.

Finally, a channel update:

Infinite Plane Radio was pulled from Spotify and Apple podcasts. This is the result of some anonymous hater falsely asserting copyrights over the podcast. This cut off several thousand subscribers. This has me thinking that slow and steady is not the way to win this race and I’m working out a strategic move that could overcome censorship from big tech and little haters.

Tim Ozman

IPR Host