I've been keeping very busy on my off day. The comings days and weeks are going to be interesting if I'm reading the stars right.

Some recent developments:

  • The IPS FORUM is 100% http://infiniteplane.media/
  • I will begin managing http://midnightinthedesert.com/ another  forum. There's a 99% chance I'll be hosting Midnight In The Desert. (Need an appointment setter/guest-booker, respond if interested in the position).
  • IPS is hosting the Flat Earth Conference in a few days: http://flatearth420.com/
  • Last chance for a signed copy of CONSPIRATAINED. I limited it to 32. It will be released on 4/20ish so there's a small window: LINK

THINGS are really looking good for the conference.  We expect a good (online) turnout. If you or someone you know has something to present live, or pre-recorded, let me know by replying to this or emailing me timozman007@gmail.com.

The regular live-schedule and more will resume before 4/18.

I'll be active in the forums. Thanks everyone whose suggestions helped improve it to what it is now.  

Tim Ozman

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