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There's a new episode of Southpole in production and I'm doing my final edits on the new book. CONSTPIRATAINED has been the working title. I may change it. You'll be the first to know.

As I expand IPR's distribution, our numbers are going up, despite Youtube and other big platforms and their censorship-like tactics.


I went to the store and the cashier asked, "Do you know what it's like when something just blows your mind and you have to sit and think about it?" I was like, sure. He said "How did you arrive at THAT?" and pointed at my Infinite Plane Radio shirt. "How did you get involved with them?"

I explained that we're a think tank formed on the concept of determining what we know vs what we can know, and separating fake from real. He said "They didn't just arrive at heliocentrism over night" I said I agreed that the Flat vs Round debate is meaningless absent evidence of an edge, and therefore my position is one of  agreeing to disagree until we get another source other than MSM/ NASA. But the shirt triggered him. I didn't mention that I'm on the podcast.

Tim Ozman