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One critic referred to the entire scenario as “white privilege NFL style.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s Goat, “Bitcoin”, Ignites Conspiracy Theories – Bitcoin News
Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Bitcoin, revealed via a post the name one of his goat: Bitcoin, igniting theories behind this.

I CAN'T BREATHE = A BETTER CHINA = 6uild 6ack 6etter


CCP agitated race war is in the metascript A BETTER CHINA--- I CAN'T BREATHE And it does look like as the Weather Underground suggested, that BLM = vanguard/ front lines/ fodder  

"Peaceful Protests" He's suggesting a Blood Bath in the USA. he says worldwide communism, which we're seeing now, but I don't think it requires a bloodbath except on Television. Also, BIDEN said White Nationalists are the worlds # 1 threat. Also note "BABYLON IS FALLEN" the TWIN TOWERS = the thighs/ legs/ twin pillars AMERICA brought to its knees. the tower 1776/ 11/3  totally aligned with the Tower of Babel AND the ISS....  china has a new space station in progress, and now.....

Chinese using Basketball Baseball and Football as an

TIM OZMAN — Today at 4:00 PM TWINS in the and white = ALCHEMY here is what is coming: one will not be here soon....the result, black and white = grey...they are aiming at a  SYNTHESIS 6uild 6ack 6etter is a CCP Psyop,  MarXist

they are both KNEELING to Saturn *T = cross

When he first knelt during the national anthem in 2016 before a preseason game, he told that he did it in protest of the institutional racism and the treatment of Black people by law enforcement. The news of his book comes a day after news broke that the Jacksonville Jaguars would reportedly sign Tim Tebow, who hasn't played in the NFL since 2012. I have some BIG metascript updates.... 2020 will be nothing to what they have planned for this summer, imo. *IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS the movie is about how the FICTION replaces REALITY and that's when things get violent in REALITY... Does this Psywar ever go "live"? Although I doubt it,  it would make sense. all this has been setup for the RESET before you set the fire, you pile on the kindling throw on the accelerant... I think the FUSE is about to be sparked.

the new tower is 1776 feet tall I said the WTC = ISS

Vanilla Sky came out 33 days after it, TOM CRUISE   -- FALLS to his death in a car with  CAMERON* the name of BABYLON in the Babylon Working of LRH and Jack Parsons CAMERON she played BABALON

in Inauguration of the pleasure Dome by Kenneth Anger this means: ISS = TOWER OF BABEL the year of the tower of babel on the HC is 1776      the new tower is 1776 feet tall I said the WTC = ISS


Jimmy Carter in the WH

The Biden's "Kneeling"

"JFK in the White House"  The Sun King, killed in Dealy Plaza 33 degrees in the Masonic Killing of the King Rite.

This was directed by Stantley Kubrick and The Metascriptors. The FAKE death of JFK was followed by the character JIMMY CARTER.

Jimmy Carter's administration is being recalled to mind with the Colonial Pipeline hacking—this rhymes with the 1979 Oil Crisis.

MAD MAX 2021


Elon Musk calls himself the Imperator of Mars.

In the new Max Max movie, Imperator Furiosa is a fictional character and one of two protagonists of the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road.

Chinese Space Junk falls 10:24pm. Elon hits the SNL Stage at 11:30. 113

1968 referenced in multiple ways with Kentucky Derby:

  1. Twin Spires. These tie into the Twin Towers, Construction 1968 to Destruction 2001, 33 yrs.
  2. The winner was disqualified over drugs, as with 1968.
  3. Kentucky Derby number 147--ties into the 1968 TWIN  EXPLOSIONS in Richmond, Indiana, which killed 41, injured 150+ that occurred at "1:47 pm"

In the METASCRIPT, 2020 has been correlated with 1968, and the TWIN CITIES killing of George Floyd ties 9/11 together with 1968.

The killing of Daunte Wright, his body being put on the ground at "1:47 pm" was in the Twin Cities, miles from George Floyd's killing.

147 Million Covid cases, 3.11 Million in the USA at this time.

"gary vaynerchuk" I CAN't BREATHE = A BEtter CHINA– "RED DRAGON at his death scene"

GG "My Dad changed the world" Steven Jackson, KOBE

KOBE # was his b-day  8/24 ,  (I can't breather


Great-Great--Grandfather had an identical Role, went to WH do defend a lynched black man

Biden Says White Supremacists Have Replaced Jihadists as ‘Most Lethal Terrorist Threat’ to U.S.
President Biden labeled terrorism by “white supremacists” the “most lethal terrorist threat” to the U.S., during his address to a Joint Session of Congress...
It's been said  "the left can't meme"
They meme in a different manner.
A Crisis Actor's performance is a Meme.
Fake Dead Kid's portraits = Memes.
They use meme-tech to tug at the emotions.

42 years, St Vincent Volcano erupts... 42 years, Blackouts in NYC repeat , to the day... 42 years ago, Oil Crisis..... MAD MAX was 2021...

They are afraid of viral memes, spreading fast..
the Pandemic they are fighting is the INFODEMIC
the FAKE coviddemic is a cover.
the Mask is to cover speech, not viruses.

DB  42 --the man who fell to earth DB 42 DAVID BOWMAN (space odyssey) / DAVID BOWIE the Man Who Fell to Earth (Space Oddity).....STARMAN....
STARMAN = MR SATAN (anagram). Elon Musk used Bowie/ 42/ and Mr Satan Ritually. CUBE SATS = SATURN CULT's RITUAL WORSHIP THE FALLEN ANGELS.


*THE MASK was a MAJOR part of  2001's EYES WIDE SHUT,  and VANILLA SKY....and  COVID19........the mask covers the mouth so you can't speak, but you can see...the world has its EYES WIDE SHUT  but won't be speaking/ communicating what it sees.  is this the message? mankind silenced?