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France’s first lady  Brigette Macron is taking legal action against online conspiracy theorists claiming she’s transgender. This is similar to what happened to Michelle Obama during the  2016 election. This is not your typical “right-wing” conspiracy theory. These sorts of allegations are predicated on the notion that the Illuminati is run by secret societies engaging in alchemical magic that involves inverting everything in the world in order to keep the masses dumbfounded, confused, and cognitively dissonant.

I’m not a believer in this particular notion. Not all the way anyway. I don’t have enough information or evidence to stand by firm conclusions on these matters. Not yet anyway. However, I think it should be pointed out that the strangeness in high places isn’t new. The new normal isn’t new. It’s just new to those that weren’t already appraised of how Alice in Wonderland-y this place is. Take for example the story of Boris Johnson’s wife, 33-year-old Carrie Johnson, who was just outed as a Satanist by Jennifer Arcuri,  businesswoman and alleged former girlfriend of Boris Johnson.

Carrie is clearly a Satanist as evidenced by photographs depicting her practicing ritual magic:

However, it’s doubtful that Arcuri will tell the whole truth and reveal who might be portraying Boris on the world stage. This Satanism allegation is mostly a sideshow if you ask me. The bigger scandal is that Carrie might actually be a death-faker too, previously known to the world as Kevin McGee, the ex-husband of comedian and Boris Johnson impersonator, Matt Lucas.

You read that right:

Boris Johnson is likely a character played by Matt Lucas using hyper-realistic deep-fake disguise technology. He throws the public off by doing bad comedic Boris Johnson impersonations to deflect from his real-life gig as a living deep fake politician. Meanwhile, his ex-husband Kevin McGee never died but assumed a new and transgendered role as Carrie Symonds.

Don’t expect the truth to leak. Boris’ ex-girlfriend is most certainly an insider to the big picture and the shocking claims of Satanism instantly discredit any real conspiracy in the minds of the general public. The deep-faked reality is concealed by nonsense about reptilians, devil-worshipers, clones, etc. The existence of deep-fake disguises has been verified by Jonna Mendez, CIA American former chief of disguise in the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) Office of Technical Service. But this is lost in the sensationalism of the supernatural and bizarre.

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