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This evening discussed a few things, namely the "flipping" of Alex Jones on the "persecuted" Trump who some believe to be the Antichrist. Tonight we talked about why we take note of the suspicious patterns in world events and how this ties into a deeper level, an esoteric side, to mass media itself (which I contend is the new Universal Religion).

The talk of nuclear conflagration for Ukraine has reached a fever pitch and the 9/11 memorial museum near Ground Zero is closing, suggesting to me that before the next 9/11 anniversary, we'll have another Ground Zero to think about.

We are just a couple of days past the "calm" and just wading into the "storm", as we have discussed in recent days.IPR is in no danger of slowing or stopping, and this again is thanks to everyone for the support and participation in what is the only reality-based media organization. This is no exaggeration; you won't see us misreporting chorizo as distant stars or mistaking perception management psyops as real events.

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