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The Infinite Plane Society has a creative vision. We're organized as a philosophical and artistic movement. However, the MSM would have you think we're running about burning 5G towers and masonic lodges. Now it is true that a flat earther did burn some lodges and he did move in the same circles as some of us. Oddly, flat earth arsonist Benjamin Khoalman is friends with Flat Earth F****r... This shows what a small flat world it is.

IPS Open Mic 4 Open Minds

Something else: we're going to be opening up the discord chat for live discussions, perhaps following regular live streams, on occasion. These Open Mic 4 Open Minds sessions will be open to IPS members.

Live notifications will be texted and sent out later if we go for a Saturnday Night Live...

4/3/21 "Countdown To Space Junk Armageddon"

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogyqd_uUxs4

Audio https://soundcloud.com/infiniteplaneradio/the-fe-report-4-3-21-countdown-to-space-junk-armageddon

The second-hour caller's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvaC9mCDhii4t3fxLkyHqQQ

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