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John le Bon – The World’s Leading Skeptic
Stanley Kubrick’s Faked Death And The 9/11 Hoax
Technical analysis, stock market and economic charts
Las Vegas a ‘UFO hotspot’ with USAF testing ‘secret tech’, ex-MoD worker claims
EXCLUSIVE: Nick Pope spent three years working for the Ministry of Defence’s UFO department and claims sightings above Las Vegas could be down to the military testing technology “seen in sci-fi films”


Wuhan doctor whose skin turned dark due to coronavirus liver damage dies
A Chinese doctor from Wuhan whose skin turned dark due to liver damage caused by coronavirus died on Tuesday, media reported.
A 33-Year-Old Fueling Crypto Boom Is Worrying Thai Regulators
(Bloomberg) -- Atichanan Pulges first became interested in cryptocurrencies a decade ago when he was an engineering student in Los Angeles. Mining Bitcoin...
Portland school delays ‘Evergreens’ mascot vote over fears it’s tied to lynching
A Portland high school delayed a vote to change its mascot to an evergreen tree over concerns about its potential ties to lynching, a report said. Ida B. Wells-Barnett High School — named aft…

Tomanoid311 in Jarhead (gyllenhaal) and Spiderman: Far From Home was marvel Phase 3: movie 11 (donnie plays villain with fake drones

Tomanoiddonnie darko in The Day After Tomorrow disaster movie, has a 311 in the opening scene