Survey: White evangelicals, Hispanic Protestants, Mormons most likely to believe in QAnon
(RNS) — The groups are also the most likely to consume far-right media, which researchers noted is ‘by far the strongest independent predictor of QAnon beliefs.’
Fringe Conspiracy Theorists Think Trump Is an Immortal Alien, Got COVID as Cover to Shapeshift
Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis has already been written into the doctrine of bizarre conspiracy theorists.
“I’m Not Involved, It Looks Like They’re Finding Tremendous Fraud” - President Trump Discusses AZ Audit in Live Interview (VIDEO)
President Trump joined former advisor Steve Cortez on Newsmax TV in a live interview on Tuesday night. During the interview, Cortez asked the former president about the Arizona audit. President Trump told the Newsmax host “it looks like” they’re finding tremendous fraud. President Trump: What Arizon…


  • False authority
  • Used to bolster credibility of guardrails/ limited hangouts


Facebook Will Now Unperson Individuals Who Spread ‘Misinformation’
Social media giant Facebook has announced that it will now be “reducing the distribution” of individual accounts that share misinformation across its platform, even as the Masters of the Universe and their army of “fact-checkers” struggle with the definition of misinformation on topics such as the o…

Authoritarian Republican Party? so vulnerable to authoritarian takeover."

"Surely, a great majority of Republicans in Congress know that the election wasn't stolen," Krugman argues. "Very few really believe that the storming of the Capitol was a false-flag Antifa operation or simply a crowd of harmless tourists...

in a landslide, never mind the facts — they'll say he won the election in a landslide. The point is that neither megalomania at the top nor rage at the bottom explains why American democracy is hanging by a thread. Cowardice, not craziness, is the reason government by the people may soon perish from the Earth."