The Desk Of Tim Ozman 11/3/22

Today is Godzilla's birthday. I discussed the significance of this date which ties into the Kraken and the coming midterm election next week in the live-streamed video linked below. 11/3 is the date of the 2020 contested election and the Godzilla/ Kraken symbolically overlap here. The opening of the One World Trade Tower was held on 11/3, connecting the date to 9/11/01, and the date 11/3 is also heavily present in much of the predictive programming for the nuking of Seattle.

113 million was the number of Twitter followers Antichrist Musk has at the moment he trended for his Devil’s Champion costume which I discussed in this context.

Infinite Plane Radio did predict 3/11/2020 ground zero Seattle for the pandemic, a WWIII scenario based on 11/3 predictive programming. Note: 11/3 and 3/11 are interchangeable in this context as with 9/11 and 11/9.  Pixar films have long referenced “113” and in WALL-E it is “Directive 113” that reveals it is code for hitting the “reset button” or abandoning Earth.

Today there was a trespassing call at Mar-a-Lago, 88 days from the 8/8 raid. There are 88 days between Aug 8, 2022 (Monday) and Nov 3, 2022 (Thursday) including both days. This date is also 666 days from the January 6, 2021 insurrection.

The Kraken is linked to the disputed election. This being Godzilla’s birthday may be a clue as to what the midterms may have in store. Consider the reference Joe Rogan made with regard to the coming “red wave”, comparing it to the scene in The Shining where the elevators open and blood rushes out. That scene is classic 9/11/01 predictive programming. Interestingly, the twins from The Shining were present at the Queen’s funeral procession. The Queen died 911 days after 3/11/20.

On the topic of predictive programming, let’s also look at Batman’s Riddler sending his terrorists to bomb a dam and flood the election, putting Gotham underwater on 11/6, and inverted 9/11, and the GOP’s slogan for the past year has been “flood the polls.” The “red wave” could reference the French Revolution (note the founder of the Patriot Front is named Thomas Ryan Rousseau ), or the nuclear tsunami wave from Poseidon releasing the Kraken like a scene out of The Hunt For Red October.

Finally, clots are the “current thing” by the counter-narrative pushers in the alt-media. You’ll hear much more about this in the coming days. I’m comfortable calling it all a hoax on account of the unlikelihood that embalmers would notice something the morphology technicians, dieners, and medical examiners have not.

Tim Ozman,

IPR Host