Here are my thoughts on the Rollings Stones article about the new book about the flat earth movement which describes the IPS as "dissenters":

"There are dissenters within the Flat Earth world, of course. A group called the Infinite Plane Society suggests that Antarctica extends out to eternity, a universe of ice to cradle our little blue oasis."

Not a bad take.

“I think it’s infinite until proven otherwise,” he said. “If there’s a dome, which many Flat Earthers believe in, I myself want to go out there and see that, take a chunk of the dome.”"

We do maintain that the earth is to be considered "infinite until proven otherwise.”

"When he did, he expected it would strike a blow against “edge-ophobes,” his term for Flat Earthers who don’t seek the planet’s outer limits. He accused edge-ophobes of being afraid to explore, caught in a gridlock of excuses about why they can’t simply traverse Antarctica."

Yes, this is true. The IPS has always stood opposed to the edge-phobe agenda.

---Tim Ozman