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Happy Thanksgiving. I hope all is well. I’ve been immersed in art and editing but I’m getting back into the live-streaming department of the IPS now. The prices of my individual art cards are climbing back to what there were when I painted for a living, so I imagine by the end of 2022, Infinite Plane Radio will be solely financed by art sales. My focus has been micro-detail with specially prepared brushes and a small “squeegee” like brush technique.

I’ve been thinking non-stop about this censorship issue. I am convinced it is NOT something I said or continue to say so much as it is the live THINK TANKing itself. This is the live interaction with the IPR reporters, chatters, callers, and comments from general listeners which genuinely add to the discussion. We’ve become a fake news woodchipper and our effectiveness makes us an easy target.

The Daily Beasts once wrote that Infinite Plane Society is “…the information equivalent of clear-cutting a forest.” -

This past week was disrupted when I lost a Discord account which brought down several other servers—mostly related to creative projects.

Those who were corresponding with me about various projects just message me here and we’ll get back on track. It also took down the main 24-7 chat and here is the link if you missed it: IPR 247 THINK TANK OMNICHAT

I’m blocked on major platforms. I got 500 episodes of the back catalog uploaded on everything with at least one copy so we can’t be buried but updates are not uploading or distributing.

I’m working on a few solutions and I have a plan in development. I have a vision for something that could make things a) more productive, b) more fun, and c) we can take the media breakdowns to a higher and more informed level. One thing I plan for the new future: is cybers symposiums and debates. We’ll be live this evening to discuss whether this Black Friday will be the one Tom Clancy novels and dystopia video games have been warning us about.

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When I get to 1000 subs here I can Livestream while I paint or run errands: Youtube VideoBlog

Also: Pope Elon Musk is blocking any calling out of crisis actors on Twitter. That will never be a hindrance for me. I use Twitter to find good intel but I always post my best findings on Minds:

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