Things are moving along faster than I expected. Thanks again for the kind support.

Here's what I'm looking forward to:

* New Podcast to be announced

* Regular Open Phones IPR Nightly Schedule

* A Strategy for nullifying stalkers, trolls, and other assorted Internet psychopaths which precludes any further interruptions to the production schedule. (This will all be outsourced in the future.

* New SOUTHPOLE.LOL website just launched. Also, there will be a new EPISODE in the next day or so..

* is back online.

* INFINITEPLANE.MEDIA has a new and improved forum and we're now issuing PRESS RELEASES.*

Thank you all again for keeping this Thank Tank rolling. There are big things ahead as messy as it WILL get. For me, it's a win/win situation. I could be just as happy alone, silent, ghostwriting and painting pseudonymously, but being a part of something bigger is much more entertaining and meaningful. Let's Roll as the crisis actors said in that terrible movie a couple of decades ago.

Tim Ozman