Qool-Aid Overdose at Babbitt’s B-day Bash? Plus General Flynn is a Satanist and Marjorie Green a Communist.

Tomorrow, William Shatner is going to so-called space. The public has been led into this “space age” in reality by the same man that led generations on explorations of the vast frontier of space in fantasy. It makes me wonder if Star Trek wasn’t always just propaganda to prepare us for the Great Reset era. This Great Reset is really just another way of describing the “New Age” which has been discussed for over a century.

New Ageism is all about a new world which will be brought about by the world of light-workers and new-agers promoting their philosophy. The Qanon movement, interestingly, has the mantle of New Agers from what was stereotypically the purview of leftists and liberals. All that has flipped. Now the right wing fringe is where you’ll find free-thinkers, yoga practitioners, alternative medicine, and a belief in a mass “Great Awakening.”

Nowhere is the New Ageism more prevalent than among the dedicated Qanoners who use numerology applied to Trump’s tweets in order to read the secret messages from “Q”. Numerology is a New Age thing. However, since the Qanon movement is a Christian movement, there is an obvious conflict here. Somehow, it remained under the radar until just recently when someone connected General Flynn’s invocations at the patriot prayer rallies to a cult of angel-channelers. Flynn is being accused of Satanism for invoking and channeling the Archangel Michael into his followers through a deceptively  re-worded new-age invocation that comes from the Church Universal Triumphant.

For Flynn, I suppose it should be the Church Universal Trump.

The cult he plagiarized from was led by an Elizabeth Claire Prophet--a convenient last name. She was an anti-communist and believe the Russians were going to kill us all with nukes and had all of their followers move into bunkers underground. The CUT gained money and power by selling promises of doom, revelation, and salvation.

They sold what I call “doom-hope”, a well-intentioned hope for doom. This bizarre desire for worldly destruction probably explains why the Qanons are glorifying and martyring activist Ashli Babbitt. Donald Trump even sent a birthday message for the deceased 36-year old’s family.  By the way, Trump had a rally this past weekend and bragged: “Hillary conceded! I never conceded. Never.” The posthumous birthday party was poorly attended but the guests were visibly angry. Her mother called for violence against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and another attendee called for “justice” against Babbitt’s shooter, the Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd.  

Attorney and Qanon radical Lin Wood threw shade on Marjorie Taylor Greene, calling her a Communist and a traitor for wanting to impeach President Biden. His reasoning is that an impeachment would legitimize an illegitimate election. She responded by pointing out how Wood exploited Kyle Rittenhouse for money, and convinced Kyle’s mother that he’d be safer in custody than in the streets once the “apocalypse” started after the election. Money was raised but neither she nor Kyle saw any of it.

Meanwhile, Dave Chappelle is attempting to get cancelled for clout by making jokes about being anti-Space Jews pro-Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism. It’s difficult to tell whether people in show business mean what they say or say what sells. What is clear, however,  is that the “can’t sell”/ cancel culture is an attack on freedom in principle. Free expression and the free-flow of ideas from unregulated free-thinkers is under certain attack but I have my doubts as to whether the likes of Chappelle or Joe Rogan are anything other than controlled-opposition. Comedians are unofficially tasked with being society's truth-tellers.  Or that’s their perceived role and with good reason. It’s the perfect medium for expressing uncomfortable truths. But is there a shadowy group with the power to veto their jokes? Well,  there is an open conspiracy against memes, and what is a joke but a well crafted verbal meme?

That said, Infinite Plane Radio has been targeted by the cancel cult since before it was cool but that’s okay because we aren’t asking for their approval. Thanks for subscribing.

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Tim Ozman,
IPR, Host