Planet Jonestown

Today’s winter solstice marks Year One of The Great Reset. Lately, we’ve been discussing the suppressed technology of magick in the context of mass media. At first, I was being facetious when saying that the media matrix is controlled at the top, by sorcerers, astrologers, witches, and warlocks.

But now I can say that this is quite literally the truth. There are too many astrological alignments to suggest we’re connecting dots with biases rather than facts. But, factually speaking, The Great Reset is in fact coordinated with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which occurred on last year's winter solstice, making it a “Bethelem star,” the first since Year Zero. This is another clear indication that great cycles of time are calculated and major transformations of society are coordinated with these.

CNN fired ex-Cuomo producer accused of luring girls for 'subservience' training. Make no mistake, he was only fired because he got caught. This is evil in high places and these are our moral superiors, constantly telling the little people how to better obey the elite. CNN is but one denomination of the World Church of MSM so the fact it’s controlled by a predatory cult should not come as a surprise. To be clear, I’m just as happy as the next sane person to see the Cuomo brothers get theirs, but this is too little, too late in my opinion. This isn’t the “draining of the swamp” Trump promised nor is it White Hats sent by Q to awaken the world to what evil rich Democrats do behind closed doors. By the way, Trump went to Epstein Island more times than previously admitted to.

Basically, everything Q said is mostly true, minus the part about a secret group of good guys about to save us. Evil is real. Too bad Q is only a psyop. I suspect the Q will be the new Swastika in future textbooks because we're looking at a smear operation, intended to take down the opponents to the New Crown.

Qanon-influencer General Flynn has gone beyond merely denouncing  Q as a CIA operation but he’s actually suing CNN for accusing him of being a Q-believer. It should be noted that the allegation is based on facts, as Flynn has deliberately associated himself with the group by speaking at its events, becoming a celebrity among the Qult, and moreover, General Flynn coined the term “digital soldiers,” used by Qanoners to describe their social media infowar. General Flynn is a duplicitous liar.

I expect Dallas is going to be dubbed New Jonestown. There are reports of a bleach/ivermectin cocktail being passed around the JFK Fanclub gathered about Dealy Plaza. Their de facto leader, Michael Protzman, is handing out the drink as a detox formula and alternative to the mainstream snake oil of the day.

Many are reportedly endangering themselves by fighting 5G with radioactive devices worn on their bodies. I’d like to think these were all crisis actors but the Dutch authority for nuclear safety and radiation protection (ANVS) had to issue a warning about ten products including sleeping masks, bracelets, and necklaces, which they found gave off harmful ionizing radiation.

At this point, we should just rename Earth to Jonestown. Literally, everyone is lining up for some psycho to put something shady into them.

If you couldn't tell, I'm not holding my breath for the Epistien and Ghislaine trial to result in anything resembling a global-sting operation. If anything, it seems like a made-for-TV drama like the OJ trial. But at least we got to see the OJ trial live. All we get with Ghizlane is hearsay and innuendo. Supposedly there’s a six-foot portrait of her nake and holding a knife, but again, we haven’t seen this yet.

By the way, O.J. Simpson is now a completely free man. He was granted early discharge for good behavior. Here’s a recap of some of the knife stories this Fall:

David Aimes stabbed 17 times

Halloween Kills released. Stabby movie.

Drake performs “Knifetalk” at AStroworld Fest

Drakeo the Ruler was knifed to death a couple of nights ago backstage at the Once Upon a Time in LA event.

It's obvious we've been living in a CGI augmented dream world and we’re expected to walk on eggshells so as to not awaken anyone. There are elaborate dramas and rituals being played out in front of our eyes. Remember Jihadi terrorists threatening air travel? They’ve been completely upstaged by anti-vaxxers. Ryanair removed an unruly passenger who managed to board one of its flights and started shouting anti-vaccine claims. The scenery and costumes change but the stage remains. I would add that the directors, too, remain the same.

It was just revealed that Lee Harvey Oswald talked to KGB in the recently declassified JFK documents. A more interesting lead, in my opinion, is this Riley's Coffee connection. This would place Oswald in the vicinity of Stanley Kubrick and the fake moon landing stage. This, of course, is predicated on the notion that Kubrick was involved in the Apollo 11 mission. Anyone willing to examine the evidence here would be missing the bigger picture unless also including in their assessment of Kubrick the equally compelling cases to be made for his involvement in 9/11 and Covid19.

There are conspiracy theories and there are observations. There are patterns and there are coincidences. The events that occur in a movie or novel are not coincidental but scripted. So too are the events in the Meta-movie we are living through scripted, and not coincidental.

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Tim Ozman

IPR, Host