My 11:11 am 11/11 Awakening, Mandela Effected Meatloaf ,and Why I Sell Masks

The other day I woke up at 11:11 in the morning on the eleventh of this month. What does this mean? Probably nothing but I decided to take a look at what the Metaverse is telling us.

Last month’s October the 13th set the stage for sacrifice season.

First, let me explain what I mean by “sacrifice season”:

  • William Shatner went to space on 10/13 concurrent with Halloween Kills making the headlines putting his face out there in a different context: the face of killer Michael Meyers.
  • Following this, we bore witness to Sir David Amess being stabbed 17 times.
  • Then there was the “accidental” killing on the Rust movie set.
  • A man dressed as the Joker stabbed 17 people on a subway in Japan.
  • 17 victims were taken to the hospital at the Astroworld debacle, 8 of whom died. Drake sang a new song “Knife talk.”
  • Travis Scott was recently pictured in a Michael Meyers mask which also happens to be the face of William Shatner.
  • The Qanon shaman carries a spear and that a Qanon-influenced surfer in California speared one of his children 17 times as a sacrifice to save the world.
  • In witchcraft, the High Priest carries the dagger. Shater went 66 miles up in that Obelisk. I’d call that a “high” priest, and as Rocketman and Dagger-Man he officiated over this season's sacrifices.
  • Finally, Shatner warned of a “coming catastrophic event” after describing how fragile our atmosphere is.  Just today, the Associated Press put out an article describing the Astroworld tragedy as a “countdown to catastrophe.”

Now here is what I suspect comes next:

Britney Spears is now free. I see the “spear” as symbolic of the extreme-right. I fully expect a Q-patsy to chuck a spear, so to speak. The “metascript” has connected death and sacrifice with the numbers 17 and 22. Here are  some additional points on that:

  • Gabby Petito, 22
  • #22Forever: The University of Utah football team retired the jersey number 22 in honor of teammates Ty Jordan and Aaron Lowe.
  • JFK Jr. is expected to show up in Dallas after 22 years of being “dead.”
  • RFK was killed by a .22, JFK was shot on the 22nd of November.
  • Singer Emani 22 died at 22.
  • A 22-year-old woman is “braindead” following the Astroworld concert (from a head injury, not Travis Scott’s bad autotune).
  • The International Space Station has been in orbit for 22 years and just today had to dodge a piece of Chinese space junk.
  • ​​Astro, one of the longtime members of the British reggae-pop band UB40, passed away on the night of Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival.

My prognostication for the coming week includes riots, asteroids puncturing our atmosphere, and a high-profile attack or assassination by a right-wing Qanoner, possibly with a spear.

The riots I expect will be in Kenosha, where National Guards are already on alert. This is in anticipation of the exoneration of Lemonhead Kyle (LeBron James essentially called Kyle Rittenhouse a crisis actor. He tweeted, “That boy ate some lemon heads” in response to Kyle’s emotional breakdown which was apparently tearless.)  Not to defend LeBron James, who cries and flops more than any other in the Nothing But Actors league. It’s just that I’m not convinced that Kenosha was more than government propaganda disguised as real news.

However, If Gaige Grossarm shows his arm wound to be real, I’ll correct my assessment. We certainly have a lot of memes to apologize for. If someone can present compelling evidence short of twisting Guage’s arm, I'll do it for all of us:

"Sorry, Mr. Grossarm," and "Nice shot, Kyle."

Of course, #TeamJojo will argue the Judge is biased because of his patriotic phone ringer and the jury for being too white.


  • I Interviewed Human Vibration and we discussed “loosh traps” and world-stagery. You can hear that at DarkMatter.Radio.
  • Alex Stein caused McToon to rage quit a moon landing debate. He chastised MC for wearing a sweatshirt to the debate and refused to accept a picture of moonbuggy tracks as evidence of a lunar landing.  To be fair, Stein wears red sweat pants under that shirt and tie ensemble which itself could be a CGI overlay.
  • I spoke with commander Lou of the US Federation of Craters. He’s joining the Dark Matter Digital Network in January for a daytime live show. Expect days packed with live content.
  • Astroworld conspiracies are blowing up the Internet, precipitating what the MSM is calling a new Satanic Panic. Virus Panics are okay. But Satanic ones? Nope.
  • Anti-vaxxers are “enemies”, says Knight In Satan’s Service, Gene Simmons. I can handle a guy dressed as a bat-winged Japanese Samurai Demon being a total hypocrite and going on tour. But I’m not cool with him declaring war on the purebloods. Not all unvaccinated people draw large crowds to superspreader events so you could argue that KISS is a bigger enemy of the people than those he’s calling out.
  • Entrepreneur Glen de Vries, who flew to space on Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin with William Shatner, died in a plane crash on Thursday. A few days before that, Sir Richard Branson had a severe bicycle accident that he described as “colossal.”
  • Demi Lavato said she’s tired of humans and wants to bonk an extraterrestrial. This made me think about the Furry I saw the other day while stuck in a drive-thru. “Furries” are people that identify as animals, so it occurred to me, she would only need to find a Furry that has a persona, what they call a “fursona”, that identifies as a space alien rather than a donkey or a horse.  

Mandela Effected Meat Loaf and Why I  Sell Masks:

Mandela Effect pusher Bryan Stavely has accused me of being part of his club. Yes, I’m alleged to be Mandela Effected by my use of the word MEATLOAF to describe a musician I never listened to. All I know is, he had large breasts as Robert 'Bob' Paulsen in Fight Club and he played “Eddie” in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (who gets cannibalized at the end).

I never heard him referred to as “Mr. Loaf ' and thus never formed a memory of “meat” and “loaf” as being distinct in his name. So yes, when I mentioned Russian-Vids’ penchant for “MEATLOAF” lyrics, I revealed myself to be from a parallel universe where Meat Loaf is one word.

Although this makes me a bona fide interdimensional time-line jumping Mandela Effected matrix breaker, Bryan Stavely still doesn’t want me in their club. I’m like a lost time traveler that other time travelers want nothing to do with. To add insult to injury, he called me “The Wolf,” presumably because I sell masks.

As we previously discussed on IPR, RussianVids initially called out DIRTH and High Impact Flux for selling masks and now, I’m being pointed at with the same criticisms. I’ll address those but first, let me point out that RussianVids is now going by RV-Truth.


Because he’s been credibly accused of being a Russian disinformation agent and he’s changing names to disassociate with a supposed video in which RussianVids is in military fatigues singing Russian folk songs. The rumor is, RussianVids is a plainclothes agent sent to divide the Truth community.

So why, then, do I sell masks?

I “sell” them because I refuse to cede that cultural space. We’re in the midst of a culture war and a new religion is being imposed. There is no winning by leaving the battlefield. Posting products puts your ideas directly in competition in the meme-o-sphere. A well-placed meme is a spanner in the works---the real meaning of the Blue Wrench carried by IPS penguins.

Every dollar spent internally isn’t handed to the other side. Every dollar spent by the other side on our side detracts from theirs and enriches ours. One could argue that accepting Superchats and advertising revenue on Youtube is working for the enemy. But I---although unmonetized---am in favor of people making money off the opposition. Subversion makes more sense to me than destruction, and competition is stronger strategically than boycotting.

I suppose this explains why Stavely and his ilk have fled to Rofkin, an obscure echo chamber platform while claiming to be victims of censorship. The IPS is not a victim of censorship although we certainly are a target. Victimhood is a mentality and these Rofkin Sheep prefer to lose, to cede ground in the culture war, rather than stand their ground. I suppose this explains why they call IPS “The Wolf”?

Thank you again to listeners, chatters, callers, donors, patrons, and shoppers at our store. We are the world’s only independent counter-media network and we are growing with your support. You can look forward to the inaugural issue of FAKE WORLD NEWS, a print tabloid, sometime in December.

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