From The Desk Of Tim Ozman 10/4/21


Today is the sixty-fourth anniversary of Sputnik, the first manmade object to be sent into orbit. This marked the dawn of the space age and Russia won that race. Last year, when Putin smugly presented the world with Sputnik V, the first Covid vaccine, Russia was declared the winner of the vax race, that is, the race to reach inner-space “orbit”.

Another space race the Russians are poised to win is that of filming the first movie in space. Tomorrow is the launch date for the Russian movie crew to head to the International Space Station. They are filming The Challenger. I mean, the Challenge. There is something ominous about the title of their movie. Perhaps it’s that we’re at a point where the space program risks jumping the shark entirely and they are staging another disaster.

Consider this: The billionaire space race is the source of derision and mockery. Even SNL had a decent skit about it(and they haven’t been funny since the ISS was launched more than 20 years ago).

The speech President Reagan gave following the Challenger explosion seems pertinent here. In it, he suggested that we had ceased to be impressed by the sacrifices the astronauts of the past have made and the risks they ones of today take each day. It seemed like that disaster was a perfectly timed spectacle designed to restore a degree of dignity to the solemn quest of reaching mankind's destiny in the stars. This is not where Musk, Branson, or Bezos have been taking it. If anything, their objective is to bring down wealth from the Heavens to further enrich their earthly existences.

Also worth noting here: Elon Musk’s 3D-printed baby’s mama Grimes was spotted reading a copy of Karl Marx’s hilarious Communist Manifesto to her secret A.I. lover who she believes will someday take over the Internet and save the world.

Now, while the photo of her very conspicuous reading of that pretentious nonsense seemed true to Grimes’ nature, it was later admitted to having been staged by her publicist. Why? I suspect it’s because she believes that in Communism, we’ll all have our personal paparazzi. Or, her recent separation from her billionaire 3D Printer Filament donor left her without a source of narcissistic supply and she’s already bored with the animatronic toddler.

Speaking of animatronics, an update on Greta: She gave the same "blah blah" speech, this time outdoors, and holding a masked microphone. I’m assuming it was fully vaxxed. It's clear at this point Greta is reveling in her role as a child rebel standing up to the system, like Elsa from Disney's Frozen come to life. While at first, I imagined she had outgrown her role, it has since occurred to me that the political left is emotionally stunted in all its argumentation so I can see her playing the rebel teen late into her nineties. She’s another world stage character, playing a role that preexisted her.

Joe Rogan posted “the world's a stage” on his Instagram regarding lycanthrope in chief Joe Biden’s staged intravenous needle usage. Coming from Rogan, this merely means that there are stages upon stages, and most people assume theirs is the real one. Buzz Aldrin, for example, claims there is a Monolith on Mars and he’s not derided as a conspiracy theorist. Meanwhile, his moon rocks were all made of wood but people still believe whatever NASA animators create.

In entertainment news, R. Kelly has promised to doxx other high profile, meanwhile, Bill Cosby seems to be the only one defending Kelly’s innocence, saying the singer had also been “railroaded.” While I understand the concept of innocent until proven guilty, I wouldn’t trust the Jello until Cosby is railroaded again.

I watched Tennet. This may sound like a spoiler alert but it’s not because the movie is so confusing you have to watch it ten times for it to make sense: future man destroys the world through climate change and invents time travel technology so they can go back in time and stop the twentieth century. There is a theory based upon a 121-year-old photo from UW archives that looks exactly like Greta Thunberg, sparking internet jokes that she's a time traveler. She has yet to take up arms against us.

Finally, Facebook went dark today. Such a shame that so many unposted memes will never have the opportunity to be censored. It was a five-hour blackout, which means ten hours: five of an actual blackout and then five hours of people talking about the blackout. Facebook already went dark for me a long time ago. I spent more time in the FB Clinker than out and was beginning to think that’s all there was to it until they finally let me out and showed me that you can post things in public and get banished again.

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Tim Ozman,

IPR, Host