Meat Loaf was reported dead of covid19 at the age of 74. The first thing I have to say is, RussianVids, the biblically illiterate Bible Creationist Flat Earther, had better not call this a hoax, as his Youtube videos would lack any cohesive point without the Meat Loaf lyrics he quotes. Is his death real or fake? I don't have enough information to conclude one way or another. But celebrities dying of covaids is highly suspect regardless. Meat Loaf is strongly associated with cannibalism (he was cannibalized in Rocky Horror) and 2022 is the year of Soylent Green.

I watched The Tragedy of Macbeth thinking I'd find something relevant or interesting. The theatre complex was huge and empty, and now I totally get why Kanye West got a private movie theatre with a 100ft screen. Additionally, since literally nobody goes to the movies here, I got to experience what life would be like if a real pandemic hit.

I'd say it's probably a good thing nobody was there to witness the pathetic roles portrayed by otherwise good actors. I got the sense they were using teleprompters and too many of Denzel Washington's lines came off as run-on sentences. The theatre's reclining seats with elevating footrests were a nice touch but The Tragedy of Macbeth rushes the story gave me flashbacks of skimming CliffNotes before a test. It felt more like homework and less like what  I expected from a Shakespeare play.

In space news:

Axiom, the company that is behind Tom Cruise's movie in space is building an actual film studio in space. So if the Flat Earthers are correct, and outer space is actually a movie studio, then what we have here is a movie studio within a movie studio, where movies will be filmed.

This tells me we are already in a metaverse. You don't need a special headset to enter this one because we passed through our television and movie screens and merged with the world stage.

This is going to be a big weekend for the Dark Matter Digital Network as I firm up with some new hosts. Best of all, being a part of the network means Infinite Plane Radio will be on a rigid and predictable schedule starting this weekend. Thank you for subscribing and please share these posts.

Tim Ozman,

IPR, Host

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