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The story of Benjamin Orion Carlson Kohlmann is a false flag operation targeted at flat earthers. The goal is to create fear about flat earth super spreaders by creating the perception that they are dangerous to society.

Flat Earther Busted in Freemason Arson Spree
42-year-old Ben Kohlman has been charged over one blaze and tied to two more. He’s not the first flat earther implicated in fires at Masonic lodges.

This is a false flag to scapegoat people who notice patterns in the fake news. The fires are also likely to be ritualistic and set by Masons. If Masons are mad about the association with world-controlling conspiracies, they need to a) stop it, or b) find out who is acting in their name. (See Alan Moore's Jack The Ripper movie "From Hell").


I pointed out how "asteroids" are another hoax to pre-program all mankind with a fear of the outer limits. This is an updated version of "icebergs", another nonsensical myth used to curtail the desire for outer exploration.

Therefore, it's noteworthy to me that Leonardo Di Caprio is in an asteroid AND an iceberg movie. These disaster comedies use the same actor because it is an archetypal fear. I can imagine the Starship getting hit by a chunk of ice miles from orbiting Mars.  

Titanic (1997 film) - Wikipedia
Don’t Look Up (2021 film) - Wikipedia
I've made this connection a few times recently, as there have been some pretty high profile stories in the news involving objects from the sky. Specifically space junk, but also plane parts. Stuff falling from the sky is the new Covid.

The plane parts story connected to the Donnie Darko movie in many eerie ways indictive of it being a pre-planned psyop. For what, you may ask? Conditioning. It's not a coincidence that space junk is now a normal thing to see, but also parts from exploding rockets landing five miles from launch:

Man Finds Exploded Piece of Starship Five Miles From Launch Site
The forces involved must have been enormous.

Starship is another movie reference, btw. Star Trek's revival coincidental with humanities move to multi-planetary species is intended to help the public make the leap into total fantasy.

For months I've correlated the sky-fall agenda with the movies and the fake space news, specifically with regard to asteroids being the new ice-bergs, and mere psychological props to control our perceptions of the terra incognita. And now look:

The MSM fake science dept. is connecting the Titanic disaster to space weather.

Was space weather the cause of the Titanic disaster?
That’s Maths: Ship’s impact with iceberg could, arguably, have been avoided
Uranus is belching X-rays and is weirder than we ever thought
Scientists have discovered another mystery at Uranus, which may be emitting X-rays.

Tom Cruise going to Space, selling home for $33 Million

Mick West of demonstrates how hi-def screens can create the illusion of space:

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Fake bodies at the Capital Crash

Green folder , Green Rock on Mars, Greening Mars,

NOAH =  warns of the FLOOD, GREEN = eco-revolution

Digging up graves to replace them with Covid bodies...which makes me wonder, if you have 1, subtract 1, and add one, you still have 1. The math doesn't work. You'd either have to burn the previous tenants or cremate the covid dead.

Brazil’s gravediggers exhume bodies to make space for Covid victims
As cemeteries run out of space, World Health Organization experts warn multiple states in ‘critical condition’

Does Satan have feet? The Daily Beast asks, mocking Lil Nas's shoes.

Did Satan Even Have Feet?
Lil Nas X’s latest song and subsequent sneaker design have certain corners of American conservatism in a huff. But there may be an ever more fundamental question needing an answer.

GREEN ROCK ON MARS...metascript news...lots of GREEN in the news. Evergreen, etc

What’s up with this weird green rock on Mars? Perseverance rover is trying to find out.
NASA’s Perseverance rover is studying a strange rock on Mars as it waits for its companion helicopter to attempt its first flight.
Looking for Life on a Flat Earth
Alan Burdick writes about a growing community of people who reject the notion that the Earth is round.