Fake World News, Issue 2, now available

Fake World News, Issue 2, now available

Fake World News, Issue 2, now available

--Fake World News, Issue 2, now available--

FWN issue one went fast. I am re-ordering so as to keep a supply in inventory. I'll be doing some last-minute updates/ changes to the cover art but it goes into print shortly after midnight and will be shipping out from here by 1/5/21.

I'm making an effort to improve each issue in every way. There is a big vision behind this project and it will take several months of consistent publishing to see it emerge.


I've been working non-stop to ensure 2022 goes 10X smoother than the previous two years. Thank you for your continued support.

Fake World News is just the print version of IPR and a product that

1) can keep IPR growing, and 2) is far more censorship-resistant than any social media platform.

***Happy New Year. At midnight, the DOG STAR reaches its highest point in the year. This is the star that fell and woke "TRUMAN" up from his false worldview.***

Tim Ozman

Editor, FWN

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