Just a heads up: I'm editing volume ZERO of Fake World News right now. You will get the digital version free every time. The print will be kept at $4.99 + shipping for the first issue or two, after which I may be able to do free shipping for Patreon supporters.

Tomorrow I'll be recording an exclusive interview--this with Jon LeBon. If you're in Discord you'll be able to listen in and we may do a Q&A.

So tomorrow at this time, join us in Discord. I'll let you know in advance. Also, the TEXT ALERTS will resume on the 1st.

This one will be printed on Thursday and I expect to ship them by 12/4/21. Volume One will feature New Years Predictions and will be available for order by mid-month. We have a 2-issue per month publication schedule. More details will be revealed soon.

The best thing about it: we're truly independent.

This first one is being launched solely on pre-orders. The objective is to scale up and there is a high level of interest from writers, researchers, and meme-artists affiliated with us. The plan was initially floated and somewhat implemented in 2017. The production costs were too high at the time for a sustainable business. This is no longer the case.

Stay tuned for updates. I'm still awaiting a computer part to get the 24-7 stream up reliably. Everything is coming together nicely. Thanks again for your support.

Tim Ozman

To Pre-Order: