Russia Sent a Dummy Nuke to Decoy-Filled Ukraine

Last night on Infinite Plane Radio I commented on how the recent swatting hoaxes targeting schools and triggering lockdowns are openly recognized as harmful to the students, yet the drills themselves are not. This is because the purpose of drills is to simulate a scenario until it becomes believable. Not specifically real, but just believable.

Russia lobbed a fake nuke at Ukraine. Ukraine advertises in their national newspapers the fact they employ decoys to cause the Russians to waste missiles. Simulation vs Simulation, the purpose of which is to make the scenario believable.

Psywar Panic Attack

Tim Truth ( called in to discuss the symbolism of the One World Trade Tower, as a giant vaccine needle, but also as a temple to "Pan" in a sense. The word "syringe" is derived from the Greek σύριγξ (syrinx, meaning "Pan flute", "tube”. Think Pan-demic, the fear-based narrative putting people into a “panic” at the airport. 'Panic' comes from the name of the Greek god Pan, who supposedly sometimes caused humans to flee in unreasoning fear. Interestingly, the tower is associated with “scary” or “ghostly” sounds caused by the wind but that is blamed, by the more superstitious, on the ghosts of the victims of 9/11/01. In other words, it is a pipe.

Later I discussed the symbolism of Apollo and Artemis in the context of Witchcraft and the Great Rite, or the merging of the Sun and Moon. Jack Parsons at JPL would recite "Hymn to Pan" by Aleister Crowley before the launch of every rocket. This ties into and explains the hidden purpose of the work of Metascriptor Stanley Kubrick:

His 2001: A Space Odyssey shows the alchemical transformation of humanity as we converged into this collective “Truman Show”.

The Monolith represents the Big Screen; the 2 into 1, represented as “2001” and symbolically linked to the Twin Towers eventually becoming 1, depicting the merging of the Real World with the Fake World on the Big Screen. The “00” represents the Sun and Moon. This connection is further cemented by the actual Ground Zero of the 9/11 attack which is overlooked by The Millennium Hilton, which was designed to resemble Kubrick’s Monolith.

In 1969 when Saturn V went to the moon it was not a physical journey, but the Great Rite. It was Apollo and Diana, or the Sun and Moon, converging. The mission didn’t take Man to the moon. It took Man into the movie-based reality. This was also the purpose of the Psyop of 9/11 and the mass PANic it induced. They synchronize our minds and drag us into the Matrix, a world of lies superimposed over the real world.

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