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Today is June the 4th, 2021.

Some prophets are suggesting that Seattle will be destroyed next week. I tend to agree.  We predicted the riots and chaos of 2020, the Space Junk agenda, and much more. We are following the news STORIES wherever they may lead, even if it goes off the edge of the KNOWN world--as does most of the content here at Infinite Plane Radio.

Here are a few highlights.

Grimes, the android married to fictional character Elon Musk, says that AI will perfect communism so we can all sit around and make NFT's all day.  

SPACE SQUIDS– Spacex is launching squids into space.


Chinese Rocket. Launched 119 day[9:56 PM]119 = falling tower of babel

With Mayweather-Paul, Showtime has morphed into Comedy Central
For boxing fans, it must be sad to watch what Showtime has become.
Floyd Mayweather George Floyd funeral check for $88,500 posted online
Floyd Mayweather has sent his check to the Robert Swearington Fort Bend Memorial fund in order to cover the $88,500 costs of George Floyd’s funeral.
World Economic Forum launches GAIA to accelerate responsible AI adoption
The WEF’s new platform will work to ensure that AI governance reflects best practices in data governance

Maybe the Elite eat these:

See available art at

The Media’s Lab Leak Debacle Shows Why Banning ‘Misinformation’ Is a Terrible Idea
How a debate about COVID-19’s origins exposed a dangerous hubris
Nolte: Media Confirm Two More ‘Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories’
Two more “right-wing conspiracy theories” have just been proven to not be conspiracy theories: Portland and the lab leak.
Microchips, Magnets And Shedding: Here Are 5 (Debunked) Covid Vaccine Conspiracy Theories Spreading Online
And no, the vaccine won’t make you Bluetooth connectable.

"Under our Constitution, Trump cannot be reinstated, which seems to leave the most rabid and ill-informed of his supporters with the coup option. I'm not saying that a coup is possible. However, January 6 showed that some in the Trump base can be spun up to the point where they turn violent. Add the sham audits, conspiracy theory grifters and a former President who has shown he's not inclined toward responsible behavior, and the prospect of trouble, come the hot days of August, is real.This means that as we attend to real-life concerns, like infrastructure and holding certain people responsible for January 6, we should also keep our guard up. Trump and the crazies aren't done messing with us."--,9502342,en_8142889f8ea78f94f12150f91020236068d8e7d10dc4033e26a95c74ab5ebd5d#_scpsug=crawled,9502342,en_8142889f8ea78f94f12150f91020236068d8e7d10dc4033e26a95c74ab5ebd5d

  • 33 years ago, his 42nd b-day party featured a "15 foot spaceship" with smoke and lasers...

Happy Birthday to MVP– 4 years of great music and dank memes.

Beaks in the Air, by MVP_DaHardwareVandal
track by MVP_DaHardwareVandal
SpaceX launches baby squids, solar panels to International Space Station
Baby squids are heading to the International Space Station.