Discord is down.

This is why we have the 24-7 live stream. It's kind of a public "discord" like chat.

I'll start a live stream shortly.


If you want to help get me back online fulltime please consider a donation here: https://donorbox.org/recurring-donation-49 .

I hate asking for help but the channel has been targeted, censored, blocked, deleted, stolen by a DOD hired identity thief, dragged through the mud, etc.

I'm selling art to pay my bills but it's taking so much time away from this that I'm having to cancel live streams to work to be able to afford to do live streams. Catch-22.

I can keep a 24-7 stream on but will require enough money to offset art sales. Art sales do happen but when I account for time, it's less than a few dollars an hour. So any help is appreciated. I'll be working on getting back online shortly.


Tim Ozman

IPR Host