Mass-media deconstruction transcends politics and propaganda and goes deeper into reality-analysis and metaphysical speculation. This is so because the mass-media exerts control over worldview and cosmography; it replaces traditional religions with Scientism.

Reality control is achieved via controlling the reality manufacturing process.

Humanity's collective creation, the world, is under the control of those that direct the Zeitgeist and the shape dominant paradigm, accomplished through the mechanism of mass-mediation, including entertainment, education, as well as news media.

So long as the collective imagination is in the service of the cult that runs this place, the world will reflect its values. The majority are clearly under a spell and accept the vision as presented, having outsourced their Imaginations Co-Creative capabilities to the reality controllers.  

The Infinite Plane Society seeks the real story. If there is a thread of truth to follow into the future, this is it: real-time mass-media deconstruction.

Coincidences are really just puzzle pieces. "They" don't want you to know there is a big picture but it's too late: we figured out that everything is connected and its only a matter of time before we put it together.

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