Here are the some topics that are on my mind at the moment. We'll also expand on a lot of things we've been discussing lately:

A huge rocket from China’s space-station launch could fall back to Earth totally uncontrolled
China plans 10 more launches to build its space station by the end of 2022. It’s not clear whether there’s any plan to safely discard the rockets.

Astronauts in training situation contend with alien dust machines:

‘Aliens are coming’: Alberta RCMP 911 dispatchers fielding calls about UFO sightings
The COVID-19 pandemic has people spending more time outdoors, which has led to a growing interest in astronomy and unusual calls to RCMP 911 dispatchers.


Horse Named After Breonna Taylor Wins Kentucky Derby Week Race
The three-year-old filly is owned by Sam Aguiar, an attorney who represented Taylor’s family. The lawyer says The $10,000 purse from the win will go to...

Kentucky Derby 147....Winner Breeona Taylor and


Video: Video shows acrobat plummeting to his death at music festival
The frightening video shows Pedro Aunion performing at one of Madrid’s largest music festivals before he fell 100 feet to his death.

‘2001’ VFX Guru Douglas Trumbull on Why CGI Hasn’t Outpaced the Visual Effects of Kubrick’s Film
Trumbull talks why filmmakers keep screwing up high frame rates, his frustration with Christopher Nolan’s restoration, and his concern for the future of exhibition.