I have just a few things here. We're going to be live soon. I have a couple side-gigs to complete in the next day or two. In the meantime here are some of the things going on at the moment:

I watched the annual Earth Day ISS broadcast. They really should pre-record these things. This time, an actornaut dropped the ball and everyone reacted. Note in particular the reaction of the one in the middle. Clearly, they are looking at a DIRECTOR, not just a camera:

Another topic:

4 weird things about the Daunte Wright "Shooting" including

  • Slide action doesn't move, no recoil, no shell expended

I have some studio upgrades—one of them being a microphone for the Dark Matter computer. Up to now, I've only been a board operator. Once the mic arrives I'll be taking a more active role at that network.

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