For the next week or so I have projects that need to be kickstarted and a few more improvements I want to implement with Infinite Plane Radio before I resume a regular schedule. I'll try and get back sooner than later, but I figure there's no harm in delaying the book another week if it means 20-30 more hours of work into it.

1) There  a few projects lagging behind. Southpole IS in production but it still needs a website.

2) We were just added to AUDIBLE,  TUNEIN   , and BLOGTALKRADIO I have a few other destinations for the 24-7 stream. We're increasing unique listeners every week--something that does NOT happen on any of the video streaming platforms. This means that for the first time in a few years, Infinite Plane Radio is discoverable by new listeners.

3) I have a couple podcasts in production.

4) CONSPIRATAINED is in the final editing phase. I'm adding some original Digital Art. I want to do some DEEP SYMBOL EXAMINATION in a few areas.  I think I can make it a more graphic production.  It WILL be published on AMAZON since I do get a decent amount of traffic there.  Those that pre-ordered signed copies will be ordered before I make the book available, so they get theirs first.

5) We added/ fixed and improved the FORUM

If I do have time for a livestream or a podcast, the only way to know is to be a subscribed member here at this site or Patreon.  Our audience is growing so I'm preparing to scale up what we're doing here. Thank you again for the support and shared insights.

Thanks again for the support. Our audience is growing so I'm preparing to scale up what we're doing here.  

Tim Ozman


(We are 100% listener supported and results oriented. All donations go into the operations listed above, including marketing efforts. )

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